Overseas personnel how to express in Shanghai to handle the

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Overseas personnel how to express in Shanghai to handle the residence permit in Shanghai?
For the implementation of the "issued by the central committee of the communist party of China < to further the reform of talent development system opinion > notice spirit, according to the general secretary of xi" come and stay, with good, flow to it, "the general requirements, in accordance with the municipal party committee municipal government" on further deepening the reform of system of talent development mechanism to accelerate the implementation of the global influence of science and technology innovation center construction opinion "deployment, further provide high-level overseas talents to work and live in Shanghai with convenient, improve the value of the foreigner's residence permit in the city, make the city holding the foreigner's residence permit high-level overseas talents can directly deal with the overseas talent in Shanghai residence permit" and enjoy the treatment, the municipal party committee organization department, municipal human resources and social security bureau ?
Docking of the procedures for "foreigner residence permit" and "Shanghai overseas talent residence permit" (hereinafter referred to as "B"), the B card into the foreigner's residence permit related treatment landing platform in this city.
In addition, the measures for the implementation of "the card holder of B, on the basis of the existing treatment, further expand the B card holder in long-term residence and simplify customs clearance, the people's livelihood security, and other aspects of the treatment, improve the B card policy coverage, attract and retain more high-level overseas talents to Shanghai innovation entrepreneurship, near the yue and, far go away after hearing.
The measures for the implementation of the mainly to solve the problems in the four aspects: one is who can be dealt with by the foreigner's residence permit direct B certificate; The second is how to check and ratify by "foreigner's residence permit" directly deal with B validity; 3 it is to deal with what is the process and the application materials; Four is holding B certificate personnel can enjoy the benefits of what new in this city.
Overseas personnel how to express in Shanghai to handle the
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